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Friday, 19 July 2019

Facebook Study App Refer Earn - ₹1400 Free Every Month + Invite

Facebook Study App Refer Earn / Loot Offer / Upcoming Loot App / Invite Link

Facebook Study App Refer Earn – ₹1400 Free Every Month + Invite & Earn More | Same Like Facebook Research App

Facebook Study App Refer Earn, FaceBook Study App Loot Offer, Facebook Study App Invite Link – Hi Guys, Hope You Guys Are Enjoying Our Super Duper Tricks to Earn Free Recharge and Free Real Cash. Most Of Us Have Looted The Last Facebook Research App.
Facebook Study App Refer Earn

Facebook Study App Refer Earn

What is Facebook Study App?

Facebook Study App Refer Earn - is a Facebook program that pays participants to share info about how they use apps. This helps Facebook to build better products for the Facebook community.

What Info Facebook Collect From This Facebook Study App?

  • The apps installed on participants’ phones
  • Time participants spend using apps
  • Participants’ country, device and network type
  • The App activity names, which may show us the names of app features of a participant is using

Facebook Study App Refer Earn – How to Join in This Program 

Same like Facebook Research App, You Need Invite Link to Join In This Facebook Study App 
1, Just Request The Facebook Study App Invite Link From The Person Who is Already Member of This Program.
*[ We Will Share Our Invite Link Here Once We Get It]
2. After Successful Registration Just Download “Study By Facebook” App From Playstore
3. After Installing The App, Just Open The App & Fill Out The same Email Details You Used During Registrations.
4. Done !! You Don’t Need Any VPN This Time Like Facebook Research App.
5. App Will Start Collecting Your Usage Data.
  • Facebook Won’t collect user IDs, passwords or content people share, including messages.
6. You Can Always leave the program at any time by uninstalling the Study app and notifying the vendor that they want to end their participation.

Facebook Study App Payout:- 

Same Like Last Facebook Research App , Users Will Get :
  • $20 = ₹1400 For Using This App For 1 month
  • $5 = ₹300 For Inviting Each Successful Referral
  • Earn Extra by Inviting More Number Of Friends

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